I draw infinite inspiration from the live music and art community that I am so blessed to be a contributing member of - as well as from fellow artists and creatives, my worldwide travels, digital media, the tarot, astrology, numerology, and crystals, architecture, ancient and tribal art and culture, textiles, flora, fauna, fungi, and all that is psychedelic and esoteric.

I am a versatile and multifaceted mixed-media artist, graphic and web designer, wood and metal worker, ceramicist, culinary scientist, and plant lady. Although I experience great satisfaction and joy in exploring this very wide range of mediums and techniques, painting has been my primary mode of creative expression for the last 8+ years. Through the use of sacred geometry, optical illusion grids, and various abstract techniques, my paintings aim unveil the hidden architecture of reality. 

I hold a Masters in Education and a BA in Journalism, as well as minors in Publication Production and Fashion Design and Retail Marketing, from Columbia College Chicago. After the completion of my Masters, I worked as an Elementary School Teacher in Chicago and the North Shore.

While teaching was an extremely informative and rewarding experience, it only took me a few years to realize that being a traditional educator was not my true passion. The following summer, I experienced an “awakening” of sorts, and immediately shifted my focus - fully and deeply devoting myself and my time to the creation of conscious and meaningful art. In the 10 years that followed, I completely immersed myself in the art and music festival scene - following the bass and jam wherever it led me during warmer months, and creating art and vending local shows and events during winter months.

In 2013, I packed up my life and moved to Denver, CO in search of new adventures and to pursue new dreams. Two years later, a close friend set up a blind (paint) date for me and an artist friend of his. Little did I know, at the time, that the beautiful man that was about to walk into my life would become my best friend, and partner in love and life. A year and half after meeting, we celebrated our love with our family and friends over the course of a three-day Colorado Rocky Mountain wedding celebration - possibly our biggest collaborative art endeavor to date! 

Both separately, and together, we have vended countless music festivals, displaying our collaborative artwork and handcrafted furniture, as well as our individual artwork - and always holding safe space for smiles, hugs and healing art.

Currently Sean and I live in the mountains of Fraser, CO with our two tiger babies Cosmo and Nugget. We spend most of our time exploring our individual and collaborative visionary painting practices, as well as artisan crafting geometric steel and wood furniture together under the moniker aseana.

When we’re not in the lab creating, most of my time is spent exploring nature and wild western landscapes, foraging and propagating local plants, climbing rocks in Colorado and splitters in the desert, mountain biking, experimenting in the kitchen, and furnishing and decorating our newly remodeled home.

Creating conscious, mind expanding, healing art and sharing it with the world is our greatest passion!